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 According to clients Reiki is beneficial for:

  • removing the pain of a broken heart from any source: romantic, work, family or friends-related
  • removing energy blockages and enititites 
  • stress relief from any source: work, traffic, toxic relationships, deadlines, financials, and more
  • family and friends emotional stress relief
  • just the stress of living and driving in big cities
  • depression, phobias, anguish, desperation and anxiety reduction
  • cancer support
  • It also helps lessening physical discomfort and symptoms like physical and emotional pain
  • pre/post surgery recovery and depression
  • menstrual cramps/pain
  • digestive ailments
  • heart ailments
  • divorce support
  • pain management 
  • headaches, migraines
  • immune system weakness
  • drugs and alcohol rehab support
  • menstrual pain 
  • lack of purpose in life
  • panic attacks
  • trauma, emotional trauma, mental trauma
  • insomnia, noticeable sleep improvement
  • pain management
  • healing injuries

People also enjoy Reiki energy work for:

  • relaxation, revitalization and peak performance
  • increase mental, emotional and physical energy!
  • general health maintenance and support
  • complementary to conventional medical treatments

What is Reiki Energy Healing?
Healing Emotional Trauma, Stress, Broken Heart, Pain
and Improving Peak Performance

Reiki is a form of hands-on/distance energy healing therapy (Energy Medicine) that brings back to balance the electro-magnetic energetic fields of our bodies (Chakra Balancing), strengthen our immune system, reduces/eliminates stress and activates our body’s innate self-healing abilities by removing Energy Blockages.

When those energy fields have been altered, distorted by chronic stress, strong toxic emotions and challenges, interference fields, called Energy Blockages, are form in our Energy Field. Those energy blockages do not allow the Energy to freely flow into our bodies, we feel out of balance, tired, weak and physical, mental, emotional, spiritual conditions might develop.

I use Reiki and other forms of Energy Healing to help people to heal themselves, improve their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state, and to reach peak performance from the cellular and energetic point of view from whatever state they are in.

I specialized in:

  1. Healing from broken hearts
  2. Removing Energy Blockages
  3. Removing Entities (or intelligent energy blockages)
  4. Home, office, space clearing from toxic energies

 During energy work, dreamlike relaxation is experienced as of conscious and unconscious anxiety issues are removed. You feel the profound relaxation of IMG_9815-c-1200-home-pagea very deep meditation, a state that experienced meditators reached after years of practice!

Reiki, or living energy, bio-energy, is real. In a similar way, electricity or magnetism affects our lives without us ever being able to see them, yet we constantly feel the results. We can also measure those electro-magnetic fields.

The Energy during a Reiki healing session is accompanied by aura interactions (aura being the energetic electro-magnetic field surrounding all living creatures or Human Energy Field) and it is possible to measure it with sensitive instruments. It is visible to sensitive people who have the gift of seeing those higher frequencies.

A Reiki energy healing session can be administered by lying hands-on or at distance (non-locally). The healing effects of a distance Reiki session are as effective as hands-on session (in person).

Reiki Levels I, II, III & Mastery Training

John of God Crystal Bed & Reiki Healing

Distance sessions of Reiki Energy Healing &
Crystal Bed Color Therapy & Reiki combination
are also available

 Meaning of the word Reiki

The meaning of the Reiki word is:
The Universal Life Force Energy that flows through all living things
Other ways to explain its meaning are: Intelligent living energy or bio-energy. Thus, Reiki is a bio-energy healing modality of energy medicine or energy healing, also called “energy work.

The Japanese word pronounced ray – key means Universal Life Force Energy
Rei means “Universal and refers to the spiritual or Energetic dimension of the soul”
Ki means “The vital life force energy that flows through all living things” (our bodies)

Pamela Miles, Reiki Master practitioner since 1986, assists Dr. Oz on his operating room.  Seven Reiki sessions testimonials of my clients in 4:45.
Reiki Healing Los Angeles Video Testimonials hands on energy healing Dr Oz Reiki Energy Healing

Video testimonials of Reiki sessions experiences.
Yours will be unique as well!

Reiki Clinical Studies and Dr. Oz talks about using Reiki
in his operation room.

Benefits of Reiki – BioEnergy Healing Sessions

Every session is different and everyone experiences are also different. Your Reiki session experience will be unique as well!
Not everybody feels the same. You are going to feel some of this benefits, or may be all of them!

  • Deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation, comparable to the experience of “good”-experienced meditator
  • Mental clarity. People usually are able to make better decisions and find answers to important questions
  • Emotional, mental, spiritual and physical healing!
  • Recover your sense of purpose in life
  • Feel guided to make right decisions in your life
  • Find your purpose in life and be in alignment with your Real Self
  • Feel very calm, at peace
  • Problems seem to lose their grip and intensity
  • Very energized! and Mental clarity!
  • Many people feel very light physically, like floating!
    This feeling is very real and happens because energetic blockages are removed and the energy flows freely in you body
  • Frustration, anger and stress are lessen or eliminated!
    Depression, severe anger, a broken heart shut down certain receptors on our cells, like receptors for absorbing nutrition. When new cells are created by cell division, you are making cells that don’t absorb nutrition.

People who receive a Reiki session report immediate benefits like a clear and fresh mind, they feel calm, peaceful, a deep body and mind relaxation, they feel happier and much less stressed out. Their face expression changes so much after a Reiki session that they look younger and like different person! Most feel like they have taken a deep nap!

Ask me any questions you may have by typing them on the “Comments” box below. Also leave your comments below.

Many physical, mental and emotional health conditions have an energetic imbalance origin. Reiki and other forms of (hands on) Energy Healing are able to remarkably improve the self-healing of those conditions, without the side effects of medications. Dr. Oz says: “Sometimes, Reiki healing works when nothing else does.”

One of my clients had a cancer spread to her bones. Every time I gave a Reiki session on Fridays, she told me she was able to sleep through the night without taking pain medication.

Reiki has been scientifically studied and many clinical studies and research has been conducted to prove its efficacy.

Reiki is a very practical, down to earth and provable healing therapy practice. The benefits and results of a Reiki session are very evident and concrete.

After 7 years practicing Reiki on over 50 men and women, all of them reported the deep-energetic relaxed state of body and mind, it’s calming effects and benefits continued after my Reiki sessions. Some people feel that calmness and relaxation for several days.

I’m a Reiki Level 3 practitioner from the Usui Shiki Ryoho line. My Reiki teacher is Alberto Amura, founder of Light Tide Services.  Reiki has no limits: it can be effectively administered at distance sessions...




My Reiki Master and teacher, Alberto Amura, an intuitive healer, was very gracious to accept a Reiki session from me, three weeks after I completed my Reiki training. Here is his experience recount:

Call me at 310.592.1813 to try a discounted Reiki session
and experience its benefits, or email me at carloscaridad (at)

Even though hands-on energy healing is effective and it’s beneficial effects can be felt by almost any person, some people are reluctant to try because of the Western medicine brain washing we have: “we need a pill to get better”.

For the last century, Occidental medicine schools have been controlled by the pharmaceutical industry in order to profit from people’s pain and suffering by selling them drugs that temporarily address a symptom. Medical schools educate future doctors and other health practitioners like nurses, only on using medical drugs and prescriptions to treat most health conditions. Most of these conditions can be beautifully and painlessly solved just with proper, food, diet and nutrition. Most medical doctors don’t even know about the importance of having healthy diet by eating organic foods and a plant based nutritional diet. Hence, chronic illnesses are showing in our population at alarming rates. Obesity, heart problems, cancer and a long list of health conditions are at scary numbers and growing.

But we are brain washed since birth to ask for pills and drugs to eliminate the symptoms or our physical, emotional, mental and some times even our spiritual problems (like depression, anxiety, boredom, low self esteem, and so on).

Many of those conditions can be mitigated and can even disappear in some cases with different forms of energy healing like acupuncture, Reiki, other forms of hands-on energy healing , Qigong, the Quick Pulse a energy-clearing new technique developed by Jo Dunning and others.

Read about Reiki Scientific Research and Clinical Studies.

If you want to try a half-fee introductory Reiki session and experiment its benefits, in exchange for your video testimonial of your Reiki session experience, call me at 310.592.1813, or email me at
carloscaridad (at)
I can also go to your office or home if you live within 15 miles from my home.

Professionals love an energy healing session in the middle of the week; Wednesdays between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm are the most wanted appointments!

From Santa Monica/Beverly Hills to Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates and from El Segundo/Marina Del Rey to Hawthorne, Torrance and West LA.







Carlos Caridad

Reiki Los Angeles
Reiki Master in Los Angeles

My ThumbTuck profile: Your Reiki healing experience will be unique!!!

Ask me any question you may have, leave your comments and feedback on the “Comments” box below:

Reiki Master Los Angeles



  1. Carlos, do all you clients feel those amazing experiences on their sessions? It’s quite incredible what they say in their testimonials! COngratulations!


    • reikienergyhealingla


      Thank you for your intelligent question! I like it!

      THe truth Jeanie is that not every body feels the same. For every one the Reiki session experience is different and for the same person every session is also different.
      The only and best way to know what a Reiki session feels like is by having one!

      What most people experience is a deep state of what I call “energetic relaxation”. You are conscious of everything that is happening, yet your body is so relaxed that it feels like you are having a very deep and relaxing nap.

      I enjoy very much to see how the faces of my clients change after the sessions! from a tense and some times contortion face expresion to a very relaxed, calmed and even much more beautiful one! (I should take pictures “before and after” sessions!)

      At the beginning of my practice, about 3 years ago, I was even surprised of what my friends and acquaintances reported to me after my Reiki sessions! :-)

      Jeanie, please read this clinical study in wich they describe what the people receiving Reiki felt and you will see that it’s very similar of what you have heard on my video testimonials:

      If you hear what people say right after the Reiki sessions is even more powerful!!!

      I’ll post just for you what one of my clients told me right after her session a week ago.
      Here it is:
      She felt very tired and sleepy before the Reiki session.
      She had her period and her lower abdomen was hurting. She had some menstrual cramps.
      Her face looked tired.

      “It was my first Reiki session ever”

      After the 45 min Reiki session the expression on her face changed so much! She looked fresh, revitalized, very relaxed, happier and even more beautiful! (Than she already is!)

      She said:
      “My mind feels more clear. My arms and legs steel feel tingling. I still feel,like your hands are on my knees. My body is so relaxed.”

      “At the very beginning of the session, when you touched my chest and solar plexus, I felt that the two points came closer, joined and melted into one”. (I didn’t place my left hand on her chest but on her forehead. My right hand was on her solar plexus).

      “I felt the same melting and joining sensation when you placed my hands on my left shoulder and right hip, then on my right shoulder and left hip”.

      “My menstrual cramps were (almost?) gone!”

      “I feel very calm and peaceful. I feel rested and rejuvenated like if I took a very good nap”

      “I went in and out into a ‘conscious’ sleep state. I was conscious of every thing that was happening because I remember every time you placed your hands on or over my body”.

      “You had placed both of your hands on my knees. When you changed one of them to my right angle, I felt I have 3 hands on my body! On my both knees and my right uncle!”

      “At the end of the session I could see the change on my face: rested, my eyes went from tired to a vibrant eye sight. I even looked more beautiful!”

      I hope this answer your question Jeanie! Still the best way to know is to have a Reiki session! :-)


  2. Philip Travisano

    A comment from one of my YouTube videos:

    That was a great testimonial. You can’t fake such sincerity. It’s obvious that she had an incredible experience. Nice to see. — I was only the 12th viewer here in June of 2013. I predict many, many more to come.

  3. Looks like your clients are having fun!
    Why reiki is so powerful?
    Keep it up with the great job!


    • reikienergyhealingla

      Mary, energy work, Reiki is one form of it, balances the distorted energy fields in our organs and energy centers along the spine (chakras).
      Different people have different needs, therefore they respond (feel) in different ways a Reiki energetic healing session.

      Some people who are very sensitive to “the energy” -that permeates all living things- will experience those remarkable sensations and feelings on their bodies during the Reiki sessions.
      Remember that what our bodies feel are just electric impulses or electric curent through our nerves and cells.
      “The Electromagnetic Energy” that flows into our bodies is manifested and felt as electricity.

      During and energy healing session, “the energy” flows through the person’s body and it’s perceived as electric impulses or just electricity. That person’s body will react -or better respond- by moving, twitching, having some involuntary arms, finger, legs and even hips movement! On occasions I’ve seen intense or jerky movements (and arm move to the side and touch my hip or even the hip moving involuntarily 2-3 inches to one side) because of the of their sensitivity to “the energy”/ electricity that goes through their cells and nerves and the magnitude of that energy.

      It’s all OK, good and safe! Those involuntary movements are signs for the practitioner and the person receiving the Reiki/energy healing session that “the energy” is flowing though and working just fine! Nothing to worry about! but the opposite! (Reconnective Healing, Dr. Eric Pearl)

      If we place very sensitive instruments that can mesure those small energy/electricity levels on a person’s body during a Reiki/energy work session, we will be able to “see”/measure that “extra” energy or electricity”.

      Please read this outstanding article: The Energetic Heart Is Unfolding from the “Institute of Heartmath”

      I hope this answer your question Mary! :-)


  4. My 3rd Reiki distance session with Carlos:
    The first sensations went from 1-30 minutes.
    Very quickly, in about 3-5 sec. period, I felt as if my forehead came under a pressure – sometime about when you started. (This is the first time I have experienced this at home. Although, I have experienced this at Dr. Smith’s office a couple of times). This startled me to some extent.

    Arms, hands, legs gently sunk into bed. I felt relaxed and my muscles felt as if being soothed. As if my body was being massaged and relaxing.
    Gentle hip movements for about 5 minutes, felt more like a rhythmic motion, or felt like it although I don’t think I was actually moving.
    Minimal feet sensations, nothing strong as far as movements.
    No twitches of hips, knees, or shoulders.
    I did experience some strong involuntary finger movements, particularly in the left hand. This was a finger jerking upright, one at a time. Then another different one several seconds later.

    No breaks in connections during this session.

    Milder sensations after the first 15 minutes or so. Remained that way to end.

    ~30-32 min.
    Everything seemed to stop all of a sudden. Definitely a session end.

    Did have curling sensation of fingers. Arms quiet during whole session.
    I was very tired tonight. So, I was close to dosing off during the end of the session.
    But, the sensations did stop, or seemed to stop, and I looked over at the clock and it was about 10:32 PM.

    • reikienergyhealingla

      Thank you Phil for your detailed feedback!
      I’m very glad you can feel precisely when the distance sessions start and ends!


  5. Hello

    I was wondering if you help with more serious, chronic illnesses, such a liver and kidney problems?

    • reikienergyhealingla


      In the cases where chronic illnesses are the result of chronic emotional trauma, energy healing can help people to heal themselves and remove the emotional trauma.

      Once the cause is found, by personal introspection after the guide of energy healing, people can take clear steps to remove and heal anger, stress, anguish and other negative emotions that are chronically affecting htem.


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