Reiki Distance Sessions Testimonials

Energy healing can easily be send at a distance. Time and space do not exist and the energy can be felt instantly.

These are feedbacks from one of my clients I treat in the Pain Management clinic in Torrance, CA. He lives in Thousand Oaks, CA, where he receives the distance Reiki healing sessions, usually Sunday nights.

August 10, 2014

The first sensations went from 1-30 minutes.  

Very quickly, in about 3-5 sec. period, I felt as if my forehead came under a pressure – sometime about when you started.  (This is the first time I have experienced this at home.  Although, I have experienced this at Dr. Smith’s office a couple of times.)  This startled me to some extent.

Arms, hands, legs gently sunk into bed.    I felt relaxed and my muscles felt as if being soothed.   As if my body was being massaged and relaxing.

Gentle hip movements for about 5 minutes, felt more like a rhythmic motion, or felt like it although I don’t think I was actually moving.  

Minimal feet sensations, nothing strong as far as movements.

No twitches of hips, knees, or shoulders.  

I did experience some strong involuntary finger movements, particularly in the left hand.  This was a finger jerking upright, one at a time.  Then another different one several seconds later.

No breaks in connections during this session.   

Milder sensations after the first 15 minutes or so.  Remained that way to end.   

~30-32 min.

Everything seemed to stop all of a sudden.   Definitely a session end.   


Did have curling sensation of fingers.  Arms quiet during whole session.   

I was very tired tonight.  So, I was close to dosing off during the end of the session. 

But, the sensations did stop, or seemed to stop, and I looked over at the clock and it was about 10:32 PM.


Phil C.

 August 4th, 2014 

The first sensations went from 1-13 minutes.  

Arms, hands, legs gently sunk into bed.

Hip movements, left, right, etc.

Feet felt as if dipping toes (although didn’t move), left foot, right, etc.

Some strong twitches of hips and couple strong twitches of shoulders. (Both at same time.)

Strong twitches of knees – both knees.

13-20 minutes

Break in connections.  Not sure why?  Nothing happened.

21-30 minutes.

Milder sensations, twitching of legs.  Couldn’t seem to get connected well.  At about 24-26 min., strong knee and hip movements for about 15-20 sec.  Nothing in feet.  Then things got milder and milder.

~29-30 min.

Everything seemed to stop.   Definitely a session end.  (Maybe a little earlier?)


No twitching or movement off fingers.  No curling sensation of fingers.  Hands and arms quiet during whole session.  Knees and hips very active during most of session.

I ended up mostly laying down since for some reason my nose took a break from bleeding.


Phil C.

July 27th, 2014 

Here is what I experienced: 

First, a growing calmness and feeling that I am sinking into my bed mattress.   Then it seems I am lightly pressed into the mattress for most of the session.  My hands both seem to feel funny, although they are flat they seem to have a curling sensation.   

I did experience for several minutes at a time a sensation that my muscles in my arms, hands, and legs would gently move or twitch.  This would be for a couple seconds at a time.  But, each muscle would move independently.  So, a sensation of left, right, left, right, and etc.- not in synchronization at all.  Soft, gentle but definitely noticeable sensations.

There were some real muscle twitches of my fingers and legs.  And, once of my hip muscles.

In the middle of the session, it seemed the session was interrupted for several minutes.  It seems the session stopped.  Something broke my concentration or the connection.   Then, I laid there calmly and breathed slowly and I again grew calmer and calmer and again felt as if I was sinking into the mattress.  And, then the sensations slowly resumed.    

The final thing was I felt my eyes (closed) were gently pointing towards my nose – a gently cross-eyed feeling. I doubt they were, just that kind of sensation.   This was during much of the entire session, excepting the interrupted portion.

Somewhere near 30 minutes or so, the sensations stopped and I was just laying there.  I can’t see a clock.  I have to get up and look at a clock.  

I was thinking this is similar to what I feel when we have sessions at Dr. Smith’s office.  Of course, the sensations are much stronger but very similar.  


Phil C.


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