Anti Aging and Reiki Energy Healing

Anti-Aging and Reiki Energy Healing

from my own experience…

I prepared this Anti Aging summary for a client who was concerned about wrinkles.

You don’t need to do EVERYTHING at once! Just read it and start implementing the one that makes more sense to you. Then try to add other steps.

  1. Aging comes from inside
  2. Preventing Aging also comes from inside!
  3. Healthy emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically (or spiritually)
  4. Aloe Vera leaves juice for your face and
  5. The BEST sunscreen it’s FREE, probably seating on your own back yard!
    Use Aloe Vera leaves juice as sunscreen. Apply before going to the beach or as soon as you get there. Then once every hour at the beach and when you leave.
  6. Avoid make up made of artificial chemicals as much as you can.
  7. AVOID Botox and other fillers for wrinkles, etc.!
  8. Green smoothies:
  9. Raw food: Café Gratitude! Two locations in LA. Larchmont and Melrose and in Rose Ave., Venice,
  10. Day at the beach. Spend one to two hours at the beach, once a week if possible.
    Use Aloe Vera leaves instead of sunscreen.

11. Cold water showers. Run the clod water along your spine in the shower.
Alternate with hot water, the highest and lower temperatures you can stand, up to 10 times.
Finish with cold water along the spine. 4 to 8 times.

12. Detox!!! Juice fast, (alkaline) water fast. Plenty of fiber to improve bowel movement.

13. Hydrate your body! This helps you
Drink at least ½ fl. Oz. of water per pound of weight a day. This is about eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day for a 128 lbs person.
Try to drink alkaline water from a water ionizer if possible. Water ionizers produce micro-cluster water, which is much easily absorbed at molecular level, improving hydration considerably. Or make your own alkaline water.

14. Drink structured water!!! Double Helix Water or get the Portable Unit from

15.Energy healing and a day at the beach to ground your self energetically and physically (mentally and emotionally)

16. Be in company of good people! Your environment has the greatest influence on you! Positive, upbeat healthy people!

17. Laugh!!! I can’t stress enough about the healing power of laughter!!!

18. Watch good movies and laugh your head off!!! In company of good friends!!!

19. Practice hatha yoga postures, poses, exercises every day!
Go to the Internet and learn them there. Get together with a friend to do them. No need to pay for a class. (Show Maha Mudra and head stands)

20. Stretch your spine every day! Touch your toes and floor with the palm of your hands eventually. This will keep your spine young and energized!

21. Engage in constructive, creative and positive activities.

22. Read good books! Self improvement books and put them in practice!

23. Avoid coffee. It’s much better a 15 min nap, even twice a day, drink structured/energized water or a cold shower than keep wearing down the body, mind, emotions and energy because we keep going with the temporary boost of coffee.

24. Energetic Shower: rub your skin with a shower globe or semi-rough sponge. This increases blood circulation and energizes our bodies.
Rub your feet bottom vigorously. All organs have a nerve/energetic connection on our feet soles. This rubbing invigorates/energize our internal organs!

25. Memory exercises: As soon as you wake up (or anytime) massage your neck back with the tip of your fingers, both hands at the same time in the same circular motion (not opposite).
With your fist knuckles “tap” the top of your head/skull.

26. Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping.

27. Be your self! Because everyone else is already taken!
Be real! Be honest!

28. Smile! A smile is the best thing you can wear to look beautiful, gorgeous and sexy!!!
Paula, you have a beautiful smile! Use it more often!!!

29. Stretching: standing up or on the floor, without forcing it, try to touch your toes.
The importance of this exercise is to stretch a little more than you can reach comfortable.
To the point where you feel a slight pain behind your knees, because you are stretching the energy channels that run behind our legs,
This (Acupuncture) energy channels get contracted during sleep, so we need to stretch them so that energy can freely flow again.
Remember Heul Hauser? Golden California in PBS? He interviewed a vibrant 92 years old woman who said her longevity secret was touching her toes EVERY DAY!!! There you go!

Distance Reiki, energy healing, for headaches, migraines, pain management, before very important event, before red carpet event! (The Four Seasons Beverly Hills Hotel gives a similar kind of energy healing to the celebrities that go to their expensive spa. $175 just for one hour of energy healing)


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