Reiki is an Energetic Gunshot!

My Reiki session was like an energetic barrel held to my temples!

“This time the session was… the energy that I felt was more intense. I still feel that I’m almost floating right now.”

“When you had your hands right up here, on my temples, the energy flowing in between the two temples, it almost felt like there was a gun held up onto my head, but in a good way. Like just the energy was so intense that like almost I had to open my eyes and check what was going on.”

“And when you put your hands right here on my heart chakra, the energy was flowing and emanating so much that I almost felt that there were tremors of an earthquake that I could feel.”

“The whole experience was very exciting and rejuvenating to experience that energy flowing and know that it’s real inside your body.”

After the Reiki Session…

“I feel very relaxed. I feel like I have no weight to my body at all. So I have to see what happens when I get up”


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