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Sacred Geometry Jewelry Has Changed Lives! How Will it Change Yours?


   Throughout time, there have been so many different styles of jewelry that have been around from various cultures. Unlike specific styles of jewelry catered to a certain group of people, one jewelry type that has transcended over cultures and over time are sacred geometry jewelry. These powerful and beautifully created jewelry have tremendous effects they provide for the wearer.


    Whether if an individual may be feeling so much negativity in his/her surrounding, with the right gem, all the negativity is blocked and released as well from the person wearing the gemstone.

It is as if this gemstone placed a powerful forcefield around the wearer and emitted energy into the wearer for the wearer to release the negativity that was consuming him/her. Not only do these sacred jewelry look beautiful, but they are also truly powerful.

 Caduceus Abundance  Birthwell
 Mayan Headdress  MerKaBa  Labyrinth
Man in the Maze Swallows Falasha Star of David
 Galactic Butterfly  Vajra  Pentagram
 Birthwell  Penta Spiral  Nautilus
 Chakra Man  Sun / Moon Right Eye of Horus
Fourth Dimension Fruit of Life Tube Torus
  Sufi Winged Heart  Om  Sunflower
 Metatron’s Cube  Golden Mean Spiral  

Just to name a few gemstones that are considered sacred jewelry, there are Malachite gemstones, Aquamarine, and Pearl. Each one has its own incredible characteristics and each is energetically charged to provide the wearer unbelievable benefits.

Malachite is a beautiful gemstone that when worn, protects people from various stomach ailments. It also helps to maintain an emotional balance, reminding the wearer of the piece of jewelry of positivity and optimism. One beautiful characteristic of this Malachite gemstone is that it has the ability to open your heart and allow for all types of love to be welcomed into your life.

Another amazing gemstone is Aquamarine. Said to have been treasure of mermaids, now when worn, clears the mind and balances emotions as well like Malachite. For people with overactive minds, overthinking can cause  so much stress, anxiety, and overall unhealthiness, but with Aquamarine being worn, it emits energy into the wearer that empowers the wearer to have a heightened feeling of courage and inner strength that gives the wearer complete control to stop all chatter within his/her mind.

Pearl is truly a gem from the heavens. Literally. Pearl was said to have come from when angels were entering into heaven along with pearls being the rain-drops of the moon. Legend states that pearls were created when the first drop of rain landed and became the heart of the oyster. Not only are the stories remarkable of this amazing gem, but the benefits are phenomenal. The pearl represents bringer of light, beauty, and love to the wearer and allows for the wearer to see life through eyes of compassion.

Along with these beautiful gemstones are sacred geometry jewelry. Time may escape each and every one of us as well as fashion trends continuing to change, but one constant are the symbols that hold true power within them just like the gemstones mentioned. The different shapes that are found in each symbol emit an incredible energy unlike any other jewelry piece out there. Symbols found in these sacred geometry jewelry have unique powers that the wearer is able to harness to bring forth benefits helping to heal him/her physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. They truly empower the wearer and they come beautifully with different ranges of colors and patterns to fit the wearers own sense of style.

Just like the gemstones, the wearer receives the same benefits through these sacred geometry jewelry pieces and even more! Sacred geometry jewelry has been around for quite some time and has truly helped so many people, they truly will never go out of style! What does your jewelry do for you?

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  1. sean tanzer says:

    Hello I would like to buy the Falasha Star of David pendent

  1. June 2, 2015

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  2. June 3, 2015

    […] many seen on television being sold because of the style, but rather not only are these pieces of sacred geometry jewelry stylish and beautiful, but they also possess great power. For instance, when it comes to wanting to meditate and opening the chakras to release the […]

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