Reiki Training – Reiki Master in Los Angeles

Reiki Training – Reiki Master Teacher in Los Angeles

I had the good fortune to learn and receive my 3 Reiki attunements from a great Integrative-Intuitive healer, Alberto Amura, Reiki Master Teacher. Alberto and I give Reiki training workshops or attunements Levels 1, 2, 3 and Mastery several times a year in Los Angeles, California. Please call me at 310.592.1813 or email me at Carlos (at) for dates and fees. This is one of Alberto Amura’s videos on Reiki energy healing: My practice as a professional healer and teacher encompasses an integrative approach to the field of energy healing that includes the deep aspects of our human structure, its environment, and the sentient beings that are deeply connected to us. I work with energies. I integrate the different type of energies that we have in our cells and our environment and I work on healing. Be an instrument of healing. I try to be the best that I can be as an instrument of healing with those energies, working on both, the body and the spaces in our environment and try to balance an integrated those energies. The principle is that everything that happens on the manifested aspect of reality, what we called physicality, first always happens on the energetic aspect of it. If we work on the energetic aspect we are going to have the manifestation on the physical aspect. It work on persons, environment and animals. I work with animals and help them to become balanced and complete. The meaning of the word healing is “to be whole” to be complete. When I work with a person I work i as many as possible situations that person may have. It helps the person to go further in whatever is their path. What ever they are here for. What is the purpose of their lives. I think is important to work on the physical aspects of whatever is affecting this planet, what contaminants this planet and really the strongest contaminant on this planet is not the physicality of the chemicals of certain elements, it is something in a much bigger scale: our thoughts. Is the energy that we put outside. When the energy is full of anger and fear, when is manipulated in a very selfish way, is what creates the problems we really have in this planet. This brings instability, unbalance to the environment and is affecting the planet. I combine my inherent skills as an intuitive energy healer, training as a Reiki master-teacher and environmental radiesthesist, an academic background in biology, education, metaphysics, and art, with my experience in the fields of health education and environmental science.


    1. Jim, the best way to schedule a healing session appointment is by calling me at 310.592.1813.
      Another alternative is by emailing me carlos (at)




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