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I had my very first Reiki healing session last night with Carlos and I am extremely grateful for my experience. Carlos has an amazing ability and I hope that anyone who is considering Reiki, definitely try it!! Go in with an open mind- like Carlos will tell you, every person has a different experience. so don’t expect anything other than to feel a little different (a good, almost unexplainable type of different) and very relaxed afterwards. you won’t regret it! The experience that I had took away the tiniest bit of doubt that I had about this sort of thing, but more importantly, it truly solidified my beliefs in spiritual healing and let me consciously feel the pure  energy that runs through my own body, through us all and through every single living thing.  Carlos, thank you again and a million times over!


First time doing reiki and I will continue the sessions with Carlos. He is a very professional man and he helped me out a lot. I was under a lot of stress, depressed and felt emotionally unbalanced and after my first session with him I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I was recommended by a friend to try reiki out, and I I yelped it and that is where I found Carlos. 
I have never experienced this type of energy before and for those of you who are new to reiki I strongly recommend it. Now I have a clear mind, relaxed, no stress, more awake and mentally happy.


I can’t even begin to explain how much Carlos has helped me! I didn’t know too much about Reiki before coming to Carlos but before our first session he explained to me the what and why of Reiki! His patience, compassion and attention to what is needed to feel better is amazing. I have 1 session left and can not wait! You are a true HEALER Carlos!


Carlos is completely professional, and makes you feel comfortable. He has a good energy about him and I gather that he enjoys helping people. Im looking forward to reiki training for myself with Carlos next month.


Very glad I came to see Carlos for Reiki! Best I could describe my experience with Carlos’s Reiki sessions…extraordinary and spiritual.  It’s a changing event, bringing me more inner peace and clarity to help get me to the next level, ridding of toxic existence, and unearthing some deep pasts. It was amazing, uplifting, unforgettable, and indescribable . Carlos…you’re truly a master in what you do.  Thank you so much!

After reading a few reviews about Carlos (Reiki Master) something said to give him a call and schedule an appointment. So, I did so and Carlos was able to schedule me right away! 

After reading a few of his customers reviews I felt like I had a great amount of idea what I was in for but it’s nothing better than firsthand experience. I was soooo stressed and depressed before I saw Carlos. As soon as he saw me he noticed the stress. Carlos gave me instructions to lie down on the bed, it took me about 3-5 mins to get completely comfortable where I was able to drift away, while my eyes were closed I kept seeing YELLOW (bright) at one point, and then I would see GREEN! When Carlos put his hand on my head I saw PURPLE, I’m thinking to myself this is strange why am I seeing colors! It was amazing! I felt sooooooo CALM and RELAXED when Carlos was finish! 

I can wait to visit again. Thank you Carlos, it was a pleasure meeting you today. See you soon!


Carlos is truly a gifted healer. During a time where I felt like I tried everything and nothing worked, I thought it could not hurt to give Reiki healing a try – that is when I found Carlos. I was a first-timer and my healing session with him was a life-changing experience. I had never felt so at peace in my life. I have been a loyal client of Carlos for nearly two years and I am very grateful to have such an amazing person like him in my life. I am truly blessed


Carlos is amazing!!  I felt like I left a spa and was glowing after our session.  He is now my new Reiki, highly recommend him.  I went to see him because felt like I needed alignment, I usually see a Reiki once a year & I left feeling peaceful & in tune with body & spirit.  Its so worth it, wish more people would be open to this practice even if you don’t think you need it you will feel better!  Also, he is very communicative & I left with a few new insights and perspectives. 🙂


All I know about Reiki I learned it from Carlos. He taught me that we are energy and the energy that emanates from our hands can heal and bring balance into our lives. The Energy in Carlos Caridad’s hands is a powerful experience. You can clearly feel how this energy moves from one place of your body into another leaving behind a sense of liberation and relaxation. I remember I started my session totally agitated but as the session went by I could feel a deep resting sensation in all my body. All the nervousness was gone! If you think you could need a session do not hesitate to use Carlos’ services. He is not only a great Reiki Master but a beautiful caring person.


I call Carlos my Reiki Master.  After my first session with him I felt like a cloud was lifted.  On  my 3rd visit I finally decided to explain my fear to him before we started.  He recommended that I read this amazing book. He felt it would really benefit me.  I was stuck in my career and not making any progress.  With the help I received from Carlos I had the biggest break through in my career.   I had so many things blocking me from receiving the great things that are coming my way.  Thank you Carlos for making me a receiver of all things good 🙂  I can’t recommend Carlos enough.  He’s a gentle soul.

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  1. Selene says:

    Hi, Carlos! I just wanted to thank you for our session last night! It is so comforting to know that healers like you exist and I am very excited to learn more about the subject myself. My experience was so moving, it really solidified my beliefs in spiritual energy and I am excited to apply it to my daily life! Hopefully one day I can learn to strengthen my own skills in order give this great feeling of joy and inner peace that you gave me to others. Thank you!

    You have a wonderful ability and i wish you the absolute best!!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!! 😊

    • reikienergyhealingla says:

      Thank you Selena for your kind words! It makes me really happy to know I can help people in this way!
      You had a deep session because you already have a very good connection with Spirit!

  2. Ana says:

    Hi Carlos, I got back home well! (San Fransisco, after 6 hours drive) Thank you for asking!
    After the three sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday feel like new! With peace, very energized, with vital energy and a lot of mental clarity!

    I didn’t even feel the trip! I’m very surprised about it!

    I’m very exited to lear more about Reiki! And to follow this practice! Please keep me in touch!

    Thank you so much!

    God bless us both!

    • reikienergyhealingla says:

      Ana, It makes me very happy to know you had such a profound healing experience through out the three sessions!



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