Sacred Geometry Pendants & Jewelry – Large Size

Sacred Geometry Pendants and Jewelry

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Sacred-Geometry-Pendants-JewelryTree of Life within the Flower of Life Sacred-Geometry-Pendants-JewelryGallifrey, the Lord of Time Sacred-Geometry-Pendants-JewelryMayan Headdress
 Sacred-Geometry-Pendants-JewelryMetatron’s Cube  Sacred-Geometry-Pendants-JewelryOm
 Sacred-Geometry-Pendants-JewelryMerKaBa in Flower of Life
.Sacred-Geometry-Pendants-JewelrySunflower  Sacred-Geometry-Pendants-JewelrySunflower  Sacred-Geometry-Pendants-JewelryTree of Life Within the Flower of Life
 Sacred-Geometry-Pendants-JewelryChakra Man  Sacred-Geometry-Pendants-JewelrySahasrara  Sacred-Geometry-Pendants-JewelryFruit of Life
Sri Yantra Mandala

2 Responses

  1. Hello,
    I’m interested in your MerKaBa in Flower of Life pendant (large size) as shown on your website. Am I able to purchase it? If so, how much? I’m a Reiki Master and feel very drawn to this. It would be a wonderful addition to my healing practice.
    Thank you,
    Arielle Faith Michael

    • reikienergyhealingla says:

      Hello Arielle!

      It’s very nice to connect with another Light Worker and Reiki practitioner too!!!

      The page you found is not finished yet and YES, I’m planning to sell them.
      The one you chose is a Large and I can mail them to you.

      Pendants prices are:
      Small: $50
      Medium: $55
      Large: $60

      I believe you are in Hawaii. Next time I go there I’ll visit you!
      Your pendant will be $60 plus tax plus shipping.

      If you are interested on selling them in your practice and website, I can give you wholesale prices.


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