Reiki Sessions Video Testimonials

Some of my Reiki clients testimonials:

Every Reiki session is different for every one! Even for one person each session is different.

Yours will be also be unique too! You may not experience what you see and hear on these videos because you are different from them. Your situation is also uniquely different. However you will be able to experience some of the most common feelings and effects during and after the Reiki sessions, like:

  • A deep mental and physical relaxation, very much like what you experience during and after a long deep meditation
  • A deep peace, calmness. Stress and frustration are dissolved!
  • The feeling that a weight has been lifted and that
  • everything will be all right!
  • Preoccupations and challenges lose their power 
  • You body, arms and legs heavy and almost numbed because of the deep energetic relaxation
  • You’ll feel like you took a very good nap!

What I recommend you during a Reiki session is just feel your body, be aware of your body. Whatever you might feel is fine. This is the easiest way to be in the present moment! (Ekart Tolle)

Please, ask me any question you may have, leave your comments and feedback at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

 Seven testimonials in just 4 min 45 seconds:


“You activated all the nerves of my body! I could feel the tingling sensation every time you placed your hand over and on my body! It’s the same feeling I got when electrodes were placed all over my body to test my nerves response before a spine surgery! My body was partially numbed because of the deep energetic relaxation state. I felt peaceful and euphoric at the same time for the rest of the day!”



“I felt the energy coming through my body and making release emotions that wer buried deeply. Then feel those emotions leave my body. When I went to my Bikram yoga class that evening, it was so much easier to perform all those postures! I felt that your Reiki session was an “energy oil change!”




“I was able to sleep very well after Carlos’ Reiki sessions. Some times I feel the energy on some part of my body when Carlos’ hands are somewhere else…” “The heat that seems to come from Carlos hands is very intense!”



“I felt my body like floating on water! A profund peace and relaxation after the Reiki session was over!”

“During mReiki Hands On Energy Healing Los Angeles height=y 2nd Reiki session with Carlos I was interrupted 20 minutes into the Reiki session by an urgent call. I was upset because I had to interrupt that deep energetic state of relaxation that filled my entire body! I felt so relaxed and peaceful that I didn’t want to take that call! I told Carlos to cancel and do it some other day. He calmly said, “take care of your call and we resume when you are ready” We did resume the session and it was even deeper, calmer, more peaceful and better than before!!!”



“I felt like I wasn’t touching the Reiki table, almost floating. I felt very peaceful and happy after the session!”



“My Reiki experience was very calming. From the moment you started amplifying your energy on me, on my body, was whole body was feeling all the positive vibrations your energy was giving to me directly. Immediately I just felt worm and healing. I can’t really describe it but it’s a really amazing feeling, like when you are in heaven!. And just floating like you are in a soft cloud, and nothing can harm you. “



“I was on pain medications for over 5 years… After one week at this clinic, I hadn’t taken a pain medication for a week by now!”


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