Richard: His Reiki sessions experiences and his sleeping improvement

Reiki for Sleep Improvement

Richard is a films maker, videographer, documentary films producer and director, owns a beautiful Iron Forge fireplace screens business and also works on online video production and marketing.

This video is his recount of his several Reiki sessions experiences, including some distance Reiki sessions:

“I’m amazed of the heat it seems to come from his hands. It’s really quite incredible. I was convinced that it was normal body heat and so I asked him if he can close his eyes and see if he can feel the heat from my hands. I concentrated and of course he couldn’t experienced it at all. He couldn’t feel any heat coming out from my hands. It is something phenomenal. I find it quite amazing that his hands could be so incredibly hot; at least feels that way when you are on the table.”

“Carlos was actually helping my to overcome sleeping habits or rather lack of sleeping. He helped enormously. I live in Boston and he did a long distance healing (distance Reiki session). That also worked. The times we did it (Reiki sessions) I got to sleep straight away. For a couple of weeks I didn’t have recurrences of this. Whatever is your interest on having Reiki I will suggest that Carlos will be able to improve your condition without a shadow of a doubt.”










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