World Summit of Integrative Medicine – Carlos Caridad

World Summit of Integrative Medicine

Energetically Removing Root Causes of Illnesses

Speech prepared by Carlos Caridad, for the World Summit of Integrative Medicine
“Health Innovator” Speaker Competition.

World Summit of Integrative Medicine - Carlos Caridad

“Why do we get sick?
Is it because we don’t eat an apple a day?
I understand that right nutrition is important
Still, people who eat fairly healthy get sick…
And why do chronic health conditions persist, if our amazing bodies have the capability to replace, most of its atoms and cells with new ones in about a year?
Lawrence Brody, Ph.D., a physicist at the National Human Genome Research Institute, says the problem isn’t that the atoms of our bodies are getting old, but the structures they make are growing defective…
There Seems to be a memory of this defective health information stored somewhere in our bodies.
Ladies and gentleman, today I’ll will talk about:
(Continues below)

I’ll be speaking along very well know authors and speakers like
Gregg Braden, “The Divine Matrix”, Bruce Lipton, “The Biology of Belief'”,
Caroline Myss, “The Anatomy of Spirit” and David Wolfe, Raw Food celebrity.
Speakers Schedule

The Title of my speech is: “Energy Healing: The Practical Application of Quantum Physics”

World Summit of Integrative Medicine - Carlos Caridad - Reiki Energy Healing-Schedule

    This is my speech at the World Summit of Integrative Medicine, where I talk about how I became an Energy Healer, Reiki Master, the Spiritual Anatomy Model of Humans from the Quantum Physics point of view, Hoe Energy Healing Works for the Quantum Mechanics viewpoint and the Energy Healing-Quantum Mechanics Connection.

“Energy Healing: The Practical Application of Quantum Physics”

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Introductory 5-min presentation for the 2015 World Summit of Integrative Medicine

(Continuation from above)
1. What, in my opinion, is The root cause of most illnesses and health conditions
2. Where in our bodies, is this defective health information memory stored
3. How to heal this defective information, and
How to prevent illnesses and diseases originated by those root causes
1. What does your body feel when you get angry, scared, have stress, fear, feel guilty, useless, unappreciated.
Our bodies feel weak, pain, out of balance, … and sickness manifests.
We know that when we get angry, feels like our body has been poisoned and uncomfortable. 
We do not feel like ourselves, we feel weak and even guilty. This takes a lot of energy from us…and eventually leads to health conditions…
On the other Hand when we feel Love, Gratitude, Compassion, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Surrender,  Useful to our family, neighborhood, country or human kind. We feel light, energetic, full of vitality .
We know the feeling of release when we forgive, have compassion and acceptance. A huge weight is lifted from our shoulders so we feel light and with more energies.
We know without a shadow of a doubt the energetic feeling of love! Don’t we?
Do I need to remind you, the feelings you had when you were in love for the first time!!! 🙂
Or the second time!!! Even the third time!!! … 🙂
You felt so light and full of energy that instead of opening the gate, you just jumped over the fence!!! 
Health was never better!!! 🙂
All these positive emotions produce enormous amount of Healing Energies in our bodies and minds!
And all these emotions and feelings are stored in our bodies…
The invigorating energy produced by good-positive feelings … as well as the debilitating energy derived from chronic negative emotions, are recorded as memories in our bodies…
2. The question is: Where in our bodies is this health information stored.
Let me give you this analogy:
The information in our computers is stored in a hard drive, which is a magnetic spinning disc. 
An electro-magnetic head places every bit of information in a specific sector of the drive, so that we can retrieve it later and use it.
What happens when the computer crashes? The hard drive has some defective information, either because it got a virus or our computer fell down, mechanically damaging the drive.
What do we do then? We take it to the Geek Squad so they can fix it! Right!
This is exactly what happens in our bodies!
Our bodies are surrounded by an energy field that follows us 24/7.
When we are subject to negative emotions, a defective energetic information is created and stored on this energetic field of our body.
Our energy field gets distorted and weakens…
When our body retrieves this defective information, guess what? 
Defective information produces defective performance, Just like in our computers…
Then, Illnesses and dis-ease manifests in our bodies…
3. How do we heal health challenges caused by emotional trauma or negative chronic feelings and emotions?
This is when Energy Medicine or Energy Healing comes into play.
Energy healing is the process by which, energy blockages are removed, defective and missing energetic information is restored  and our energy field is recharged.
Energy healing can by applied in person, hands on, or remotely, distance healing.
This healing energy is intelligent, it goes where you need it, where the blockages are, where the weakness is, promoting the activation of your immune system and self-healing.
A Greek philosopher said:
“To heal the visible we Have to heal the invisible first”. …
In modern terms, we need to heal our energy field first, so that our physical body can be healed….
4.  How do we prevent illnesses whose causes are rooted in chronic negative emotions?
We need to keep our energy field healthy and strong!!!…
How do we do that?
Bringing positive-healthy energy into our bodies! Lots of love and good company
Eating living foods, free of pesticides
Exercising, walking
Being outdoors in nature
Receiving sun light
And my favorite one, meditation… That keep us in conscious contact with the Source of Healing energies.
1. Chronic Negative emotions and feelings create an unhealthy memory that is stored in our energy bodies
2. Prevent health issues be Keeping your energy bodies strong and healthy, bringing positive emotions, eating good food and having good company! Laugh a lot and often!
3. Meditate regularly and seek help from an energy healer if you need it.




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