Reiki Energy Healing & Crystal Bed Color Therapy

John of God Crystal Bed Healing Light Therapy combined with Reiki Bioenergy Healing

    A crystal bed is a new Light-Color Therapy Energy Healing technology that sends energy to a person’s main energy centers (chakras) through seven-high quality quartz crystals. Energy centers are strengthened and energy blockages removed during the process.

John of God Crystal Bed Energy Bath

    The John of God Crystal Bed Energy Bath is made with 7 high energetic quality quartz crystals, activated by light from the 7 main energy centers colors: the rainbow spectrum from red to violet. It was developed in John of God’s healing center in Abadiania, Brazil, using Vogel crystals.
John of God is one of the greatest Spiritual and Energy Healers in the world. Through his intersection, thousand upon thousand of people had healed in miracle ways.

   These crystals resonate in an energy frequency equivalent to the water. This energy emitted by the crystals is send to the persons body. The energy from the crystals have the capacity to restructure water, therefore re-structures the blood from the person lying under them.

Some Benefits of the Crystal Bed Light Energy Bath Therapy:

Testimonials from people who had a session on the John of God Crystal Bed for the first time and they didn’t know it existed:

    One of the features of quartz crystals is that they can be programmed with a healing intention. Since their frequency is the same as water, that healing intention affects our body sending energy where the intention was made OR to the Highest Good for the person. Remember our bodies are about 80% water :-).

    Because the Healing Energy through the Crystals is Intelligent and it is embedded with Higher Consciousness, that energy goes to wherever the person’s needs healing, whether it’s a physical, mental, emotional or pure energetic (or spiritual) need.

    This is what the testimonials experienced on the video above. People receiving a crystal bed energy bath session, usually experiment that the energy they feel (or see) goes to the part of the body they need and made the intention.


 Some of client’s experiences are:

  • they feel energized, calm and peaceful at the same time
  • they feel very relaxed, a deep mental and physical relaxation
  • a feeling of being out of their bodies, which is very common on energy healing sessions
  • they feel light and free, like a weight was lifted off
  • some feel happy, a well being feeling
  • anxiety and stress are reduced or eliminated 

JOhn of God crystal bed Reiki Energy Healing

The crystals emit colored light corresponding to the seven main energy centers (chakras):

From bottom to top, color, chakra name and Sanskrit name:

  1. Red, Root Chakra; Muladhara
  2. Orange, Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana
  3. Yellow, Solar Plexus; Manipura
  4. Green, Heart Chakra; Anahata
  5. Blue, Throat Chakra; Vishuddha
  6. Indigo; Spiritual Eye; Ajna
  7. Violet, Crown Chakra; Sahasrara


I use the crystal bed on my clients first, for 20 or 40 min, then they have my Reiki session. The healing with the crystals energy opens up the client’s receptivity, making the Reiki Bioenergy healing more effective and powerful.



Crystal bed healing session can be taken by it self in periods of 20, 40 and maximum of 60 min a day.

According to my clients, the combination of the crystal bed healing and my Reiki energy healing has been more effective and different than only Reiki sessions.



You can read more about Spiritual/Energy Healer John of God clicking on this link: 
Leap of Faith: Meet John of God

and links about the John of God Crystal Healing Energy Bath Light Therapy here:


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  6. Would it be possible to come have a crystal bed session today please ?

    I am in los angeles only for one day and would loooove to have some healing energies today if possible
    Thank you


    1. Hello Athena,

      I’m in Torrance. Crustal Bed sessions are $40 for 20 min, $70/40 min, $100/60 min.

      I highly recommend you an Energy Healing sessions instead. It’s much deeper and transformational.

      please call me at (310) 592-1813


  7. Would like to get on Crystal baed for hour ,I exp. Once, I’m in Los Angeles near usc also do u send pics to Brazil for the herbs & prayer. Contact me soon as possible , Dellita (Dell e tah)


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