Valentine’s Day Special Reiki Energy Healing for Couples!!!

Bring Your Loved One For A FREE Healing Session!!!

Show Your Love With Actions!!!

   This is a simultaneous Energy Healing Session for two people.  Valid February 1st to 28th, 2018valentines-heart

   For the fee of one full Healing Session, your Loved One receives it together with you, side-by-side, for FREE, AND one of you receive a FREE John Of God Crystal Bed session FREE while I work on the other.

A 90 min session for $160

Valentine’s Reiki Energy Healing for Couples Testimonial

   Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to SHOW Love not only to our Romantic Partner.
I’ts also a day to show appreciation to Friends and Family.

   Give your Loved One and yourself an Energy Healing Session to start the Year with more Love, Energy and Clarity!
Remove Energy Blockages that prevents your relationships to go deeper!!! 

valentines-day-couple-gift  This Healing goes deep, removing hidden Energy Blockages that prevent us to move on in Life and keep us stuck in old behavior patterns.

   I’m inviting you to consciously have more clarity in Life, SHOW your Love with ACTIONS by bringing that special one
to an Energy Healing Session, make the intention to change those things you want to and improve your relationships!!!

   Just email me to carloscaridad at or call me at (310) 592-1813

Serving Los Angeles Area: Torrance, Redondo beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Lomita, Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates, San Pedro, Long Beach, Carson.

Another Valentine’s Day Couple Sessions & Testimonial

2 Responses

  1. Carlos says:

    A couple in their 30’s on Valentine’s Day:
    “We felt in a deep meditative state, peaceful and calm.”

    “My body was twitching on different parts and my arms moved all of the sudden, raising up the massage table”

    I explained to them that the deep meditative state is deep healing to the cellular level.
    When her arms moved up I was working on the other person. The Energy flows to both persons at the same timer even if I’m not placing my hands on both.

  2. Carlos says:

    Today, a just married couple! They got married on Valentine’s Day, yesterday.
    From his text:
    “Thanks so much for the amazing experience!”

    “I felt very peaceful and calm. I felt I was floating.
    I felt from the beginning under the John of God Crystal Bed a lot of Energy on my arms.”

    “I “fell asleep” very deeply, although I was conscious of my surroundings. (He was snoring for about 10 min on his 20 min “nap”).
    I also felt like floating”

    I explained them the Energy on her arms during all the session, is the energy that doesn’t belong to her and is leaving her “energy body”.

    The sensation of floating means energy blockages that were supposed to be active later on time, were lifted, removed. Now there are less obstacles in their lives!

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