Environmental Clearing – House-Office Space Clearing

Environmental Clearing – House – Office Space Clearing


House Energy Clearing

 On occasions, toxic or negative energy left by people’s emotions, are left behind and stored in furniture, corners, clothes, curtains, etc.
Some examples are when people fought too much, traumatic experiences happened in that house/room/office, and so on.

No worries!!! All that energy you might feel is affecting your body and life can be easily removed!

phsychic-clearing-energyThere are other toxic energies that affect human body and mind, like Geopathic Stress and other disturbed conscious energies present in plants, trees, rocks and crystals.

A house clearing or office space clearing can be done in about one hour, depends on the number of rooms and/or size of the rooms.

Send me an email to request a quotation of your space clearing: carloscaridad@reikienergyhealingla.org

Fees range between $100 to $200 for houses.

Some of my clients testimonials:

  • This family had been having issues “feeling things’ in certain rooms that didn’t let some members of the family sleep, woke son and other adult at the same time at night feeling “something or somebody”  over them while sleeping. As result, one (16 years old) child didn’t sleep in his room for 2 months because he was scared and one adult was also concern because he was feeling things around at night, don’t letting him sleep well. They also received Reiki sessions that further help them.

Home feels much better! My son has been sleeping in his room with no issues. We (family) are getting along much better as well!

  • This family felt a heavy energy in the house. They call me for the house clearing and a Reiki Healing session for one of the children.

The house feels lighter and my child’s face has changed! God bless you Carlos!

  • She couldn’t stand the heavy energy of her new place (2 months). Before the clearing she told me there was a woman living before, going to the suffering and trauma of her father going through cancer…

Hey!!! Place feel amazing!! have been running around like crazy but wanting to stay home for once!