“Healing Cancer In This Century” Healing from the Inside-Out!!!

Healing Cancer In This Century is an online Global Video Summit, which I’m the Founder and Host.

After working for 23 years in an Integrative Cancer Clinic in Los Angeles, I realized, while video interviewing cancer free patients or “graduated”, leaving the clinic, that all of them had unresolved emotional traumas at the root cause of the presentation of cancer.

The goal of the Summit is to create awareness of the deep impact on our health and wellness from Emotional Traumas, unresolved traumatic events in our lives, abuse of any kind (verbal, physical, sexual, mental), stress from any kind and other similar situations, as well to present viewers with healing solutions. How those toxic emotions affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, to the point of developing cancer and other chronic health conditions.

Since February 2016 I have interviewed over 70 Speakers:

  • Holistic, Integrative and Alternative Doctors, Oncologists, and Experts
  • Complimentary Treatments: Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Hyperthermia and more
  • Healing Emotional Traumas with Energy Healing, Reiki and other modalities
  • The Mind Body connection related to health and wellness
  • CBD, Cannabis Oil Cancer Treatments Experts
  • Speakers from around the globe including: United States, Russia, Canada,
    United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Germany, Mexico, and Italy
  • Cancer Survivors who’ve healed themselves

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Healing Cancer In This Century-2017 Speakers

Healing Cancer In This Century-2017 Speakers


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