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Reiki Energetic Healing with Dr. Oz at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital

Dr. Oz says, “Today I’m revealing my ultimate alternative medicine secrets! If you got a medical problem you can’t solve, you may find the answer in Reiki. I think this is the most important alternative medicine treatment of all. This is the area of Energy Medicine (including Reiki)”. Then Dr. Oz introduces a Reiki master who has been in his operating room who says, “Try Reiki, this alternative medicine treatment can manipulate energy and cure what ills you”.

The results:

1. Out of 11 patients treated with Reiki in Dr. Oz’s operating room, no one experienced post-operative depression.
2. On the heart by-pass patients, no one experienced post-operative pain or leg weakness.
3. and in the transplant group, no a single one experienced organ rejection.

Clinical Studies done using Reiki Treatment:

Donna Karan Rethinks Healthcare
With Urban Zen (including Reiki)

Science of the Heart: The Heart follows
the emotions we have…

From the Heart Math Institute:

“The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. This field, measured in the form of an electrocardiogram (ECG), can be detected anywhere on the surface of the body. Furthermore, the magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5,000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain, and can be detected a number of feet away from the body, in all directions, using SQUID-based magnetometers”

Pilot Crossover Trial of Reiki vs. Rest for Treating Cancer-Related Fatigue
  1. Kathy L. Tsang, BA; Department of Psychology
  2. Linda E. Carlson, PhD, CPsych; Department of Psychology; Department of Oncology, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Department of Psychosocial Resources, Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Alberta Cancer Board-Holy Cross Site, Department of Psychosocial Resources, 2202 2nd Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2S 3C1 
  3. Karin Olson, RN, PhD; Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, Canada


Fatigue is an extremely common side effect experienced during cancer treatment and recovery.

Limited research has investigated strategies stemming from complementary and alternative medicine to reduce cancer-related fatigue.

This research examined the effects of Reiki, a type of energy touch therapy, on fatigue, pain, anxiety, and overall quality of life.

This study was a counter balanced crossover trial of 2 conditions:

(1) in the Reiki condition, participants received Reiki for 5 consecutive daily sessions, followed by a 1-week washout monitoring period of no treatments, then 2 additional Reiki sessions, and finally 2 weeks of no treatments, and

(2) in the rest condition, participants rested for approximately 1 hour each day for 5 consecutive days, followed by a 1-week washout monitoring period of no scheduled resting and an additional week of no treatments.

In both conditions, participants completed questionnaires investigating cancer-related fatigue (Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy Fatigue subscale [FACT-F]) and overall quality of life (Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy, General Version [FACT-G]) before and after all Reiki or resting sessions.

They also completed a visual analog scale (Edmonton Symptom Assessment System [ESAS]) assessing daily tiredness, pain, and anxiety before and after each session of Reiki or rest.

Sixteen patients (13 women) participated in the trial: 8 were randomized to each order of conditions (Reiki then rest; rest then Reiki).

They were screened for fatigue on the ESAS tiredness item, and those scoring greater than 3 on the 0 to 10 scale were eligible for the study. They were diagnosed with a variety of cancers, most commonly colorectal (62.5%) cancer, and had a median age of 59 years. Fatigue on the FACT-F decreased within the Reiki condition (P=.05) over the course of all 7 treatments.

In addition, participants in the Reiki condition experienced significant improvements in quality of life (FACT-G) compared to those in the resting condition (P <.05). On daily assessments (ESAS) in the Reiki condition, presession 1 versus postsession 5 scores indicated significant decreases in tiredness (P <.001), pain (P <.005), and anxiety (P<.01), which were not seen in the resting condition.

Future research should further investigate the impact of Reiki using more highly controlled designs that include a sham Reiki condition and larger sample sizes.

Case Studies 

Case Study 1
Michael (not his real name) did not mention any pain or injury, on presentation. After treatment, he reported the sensation of energy travelling from where the practitioner’s hands were placed on his chest, to his hip which he said was almost always painful due to arthritis, resultant from a road accident some years previously. He said that “the energy created an increasing sensation of pain in my hip which became almost intolerable and then gradually subsided”. When asked how his hip was feeling after the treatment he said that it was pain free. As this was a chronic condition, it was explained to him that the pain could re-occur. When we saw him again some weeks later, he told us that the pain had indeed returned – but never to the degree that it had been prior to his previous Reiki treatment.

Reiki as a meditation

Reiki treatment consistently tends to produce a relaxation response in residents. This, on its own, has enormous therapeutic benefits both physically and psychologically. Both the practitioner and recipient appear to achieve a meditative state during treatment, and the benefits of mediation to health and wellbeing are well known. For example, Hassad (1998) has documented a summary of research on the effects of meditation and relaxation as follows:

Physical effects

      •  Restful alertness with marked changes in EEG pattern. Increase in alpha & theta waves & increased EEG coherence
      •  Changes in neurotransmitter profiles with high serotonin production (like those recovering from depression)
      •  Selective large increase in cerebral blood flow
      •  Seduction in cortisol levels and improved immune response.

Psychological effects of meditation include:

      •  decreased anxiety
      •  decreased depression
      •  improved coping capabilities
      •  unconditional happiness
      •  reduced reliance on drugs or alcohol
      •  improved sleep
      •  reduced aggression and criminal tendency
      •  reduction in personality disorders Hassad, 1998

Relaxation and Clarity

The themes of relaxation and personal clarity referred to above, embrace a broad range of responses within these categories, which are experienced as profound by the recipients. For example it is not uncommon for clients to mention that they are afflicted in varying degrees, sometimes chronically, by what they term ‘mind chatter’ and are often greatly relieved to have a quietened mind after their treatment. They often state that the peaceful mind has permitted them to think clearly and positively. (Adrian ‘My mind slowed from 1000 mph to 500 mph. I thought about my options and decided not to use after leaving detox.).” Some equate it with the experience of meditation, one stating that Reiki is the nearest he comes to meditation which he “finds hard to do”.

Some other comments by DWH clients, apart from the almost invariable, “That was great; I feel wonderful/better; that was amazing”, etc. are: “Now I know what people mean, when they talk about utter peace or inner peace”; “The last Reiki brought up a lot of negativity which was uncomfortable but it was good because it really set me going and today (in treatment) my body relaxed for the first time”; “I felt a lot of aggression (during treatment) and understand why”; “Some of the fog has lifted”; “It was magic. The past
and what I have to do in the future are clearer to me.”

For some the Reiki experience appears to bring a feeling of protection or reassurance, as illustrated by the following feedback from some DWH residents following Reiki treatment; “I began to feel I am a beautiful person (improved self perception) and that my grandfather was watching over me”; “I had a dream (during treatment) which told me that everything is going to be alright”; “I felt wrapped in tenderness and kindness and the bad things disappeared”. We would state that although these statements could be dismissed as illusions, they are nevertheless real to those who experience them and provide the basis for making positive changes in their lives.


There is also clearly a spiritual component. The theme of spirituality for this Conference fits well with Reiki. This system of healing is a spiritual discipline for its practitioners and frequently produces results for the recipient, which could be described as spiritual. In clarification, we would state that spirituality has different meanings in different times and different cultures. The Concise English Dictionary gives one definition of ‘spiritual’ as ‘pertaining to the soul or inner nature’. It is the definition referring to inner nature,
which we apply to the responses and experiences of many of the DWH clients. 9 The clients frequently report the experience of being in another state, different from ordinary
awareness – a totally new experience which they describe as both peaceful and deeply relaxing – and are surprised at the passage of time that has occurred during treatment. This is synonymous with the meditative experience.

Also, the recipients of Reiki in the Clinic often describe their experiences of peace, relaxation and clarity, etc. in a way which appears to indicate that these represent more than purely emotional, mental or physical benefits and that they have experienced a degree of upliftment which one might equate with a spiritual experience. Many experience seeing colours, which they describe variously as, “beautiful”, “peaceful,.

Clients at times indicate that they are searching for something beyond ordinary awareness, described by some as a spiritual search. They often indicate that this need is satisfied by the Reiki experience. Some find this need satisfied by drug use and it is interesting to observe that they subsequently recognise in the Reiki treatment an experience of being in a state previously induced by drugs. They are pleasantly surprised to learn that this is a state that can be simply and safely induced by natural means. One DWH resident stated that he was reluctant to leave “La La Land”, where he had experienced imagery and stress release during treatment; and then more seriously said, “The true La La Land.” Another said, “Reiki is better than any drugs I’ve ever used.”

One client after his first Reiki treatment, during which he had been physically restless, said that he felt he had been “forgiven by the Great Spirit”; had been “on the verge of breaking through”; that “there was a reason for everything”, and he was seen by the practitioner to be left feeling very positive. One could describe this as a spiritual experience which had relieved the client of a burden of guilt which resulted in a sense of uplift with space for the possibility of change. This is significant, as many of those who abuse drugs carry, consciously or unconsciously, a sense of guilt which makes the concept of changing their lives seem hopeless.

Themes of release of guilt, awareness of inner nature or spirituality and subsequent hope are beautifully illustrated in the following case study.

Case Study 2

At the time of his first Reiki treatment, John (not his real name) was twenty-two years of age, had been raised in a climate of violence and crime and was the survivor of life on the inside of four state prisons. He presented as wary, defensive, bordering on aggressive, and sceptical and firmly declared himself an atheist but was curious to know why other DWH residents were so impressed by their Reiki experience. After being reassured that there was no belief system attached to Reiki and that he was free to leave the treatment room at any time, he decided to receive Reiki. After treatment, he declared the experience of the treatment as, “…amazing”, followed by “Quite spiritual, really.” He appeared to be quite unconscious of using the term spiritual and was later overheard telling another resident, “This Reiki is not bullshit, mate.” John was thereafter a regular attendee at the Reiki Clinic. He later told us that Reiki had give him, “ ….hope – hope that I can change my life”.

In the following case study, there is an interesting combination of responses.

Case Study 3

Malcolm (not his real name) had been in a car accident some months previously in which he had received a broken limb, back injury and nerve damage. His response after Reiki treatment was, “That was just wonderful. I felt heat in my knee, ankle and back. (The) warmth was not just physical – (it was) emotional, spiritual and love. There were colours and I felt aware of the energy of the universe coming into me.” In this response, the client indicates that, apart from the injured areas being addressed, he felt upliftment and comfort.

The following case study provides examples of different experiences and a progression, leading to resolution.

Case Study 4

In the first treatment, Gerald (not his real name) presented with no previous knowledge of Reiki and no expectations of what it might do for him other than that it might help him in some way. After treatment, he lay very still and silent with eyes wide open for a long time. He stated that the experience was “overwhelming – but in a good way”; that he felt he had been “miles way with no thoughts but heaps of colours”. He also said, “I haven’t felt like this for ages.” Although unable to identify this feeling, he implied that it was very special and good. 10

Second treatment. Gerald reported that he had been “up and down all week”. After treatment he stated that a lot of painful thoughts concerning family issues had surfaced. He then shed what he described as painful, emotional tears and said that he realised that he had to “let go of a lot of stuff”. Gerald’s counsellor was extremely pleased with the spontaneous awareness arising out of the Reiki as, Gerald had not been able to let go, and this had been a big issue blocking progress.

Third treatment: Gerald reported that after his last Reiki he had cried a lot of “painful tears”. Since then, he had continued to cry quite a lot, but described this as “now not painful crying – more like letting go, peaceful crying”. During this treatment, Gerald appeared to be deeply asleep and in fact snored steadily. However, at the end of the treatment he reported having had “lots of thoughts concerning J….. (a family member with a long term illness), and said that he felt he could forgive her “for what she has done – for all her mistakes” and that he felt compassion for her.

Fourth treatment: On this occasion Gerald appeared to fall into a deep sleep almost immediately. He reported noticing a lot of colours around him during the treatment. He then wept briefly about past memories.

Fifth treatment: Gerald again enjoyed seeing many colours during this treatment. He said that he felt Reiki was helping him in many ways and looked forward to continuing the treatments. We see this as a very significant case study. It demonstrated a very positive, enjoyable experience in the first session, which allowed Gerald to develop confidence in what was for him, until then, an unknown form of treatment. The second and third sessions, although accompanied by the emotional pain of grieving, allowed him to firstly let go, then to forgive and feel compassion. Feeling compassion is a significant step beyond forgiveness and the sense of upliftment that this brings could be described as spiritual experience. During the fourth and fifth sessions, Gerald began to see colours again, an experience he enjoys. He was also aware of feeling peaceful at the end of treatments, which has restored his original perception of Reiki being a pleasurable experience. He expressed a commitment to using Reiki to help rebuild his life and became a regular attendee at the Reiki Clinic as an outpatient.

Our hypothesis, therefore, is that Reiki appears to induce a profound relaxation response within 10 minutes for nearly all recipients. This relaxation may last from a few hours to even a week, and is usually coupled with a reduction in client anxiety, tension and aggression. Recipients of Reiki also generally express feelings of ‘peace’, ‘wellbeing’ and spiritual ‘upliftment’, with a greater ability to sleep after treatment. This is of very significant benefit for residents during the early stages of drug withdrawal, because difficulty in sleeping is a common problem.

We suggest that anecdotal reports from residents and staff at Windana are true, and that most, if not all, of the positive physiological and psychological effects that have been attributed to meditation and relaxation techniques (Hassad, 1998), are promoted by giving Reiki treatment to residents. Furthermore, we believe that from client and staff feedback, the promotion of relaxation and meditation (by the use of Reiki) for those undergoing drug withdrawal helps residents to cope with difficult withdrawal symptoms and to stay in the rehabilitation program. This is a significant reason, for continuing and expanding the Reiki program.


32 Responses

  1. joe says:

    reiki was debunked years ago, dr M.OZ wife is a reiki master need i say more, evidence you provide is anectodal, all proper peer reviewed trials show that reiki at its best is no better than placebo effect.i wish people like you and dr OZ would stop pushing the reiki BS wagon.

  2. joe says:

    hi, bottom line is that reiki has not been proven to help any known medical ailments. DR Oz is perhaps swayed by his wife who is a reiki master. it is sad to see such a highly educated man that DR Oz is to be seen pushing this type of woo.

    • reikienergyhealingla says:


      My son was healed with energy healing after getting a severe autoimmune disease cause by excessive vaccinations. Conventional “scientific” medicine caused the disease AND it could not do ANYTHING to remedy his condition.

      I was healed several times by energy healing: REiki and other forms of energy healing.
      Because of my son’s “miracle” healing and mines, an Electronics Engineer with a master degree on it like me, internet/YouTube video marketer, became an energy healer because of the power of it.

      I believe the only way to prove or disprove anything is by trying.
      Here is a link where you can find over 100 hospitals, medical clinics and hospice programs in the US (, where Reiki is offered as standard care complementary therapy in conjunction to conventional/western medicine.
      Reiki it’s used by UCLA hospital within the Urban Zen program.

      What is your experience with energy healing Joe?


  3. joe says:

    yes i see my comments have been removed, the truth hurts?

  4. joe says:

    its a shame that a highly educated man like DR Oz supports reiki, but his wife is a reiki master, i really thought that DR Oz was above pushing this woo.

    • reikienergyhealingla says:


      Dr. Oz uses Reiki just because it works, when conventional medicine can’t.
      He is a practical man. He tries things and uses what works.


      • joe says:

        hi REIKIENERGYHEALINGLA, i believe DR OZ supports reiki because his wife is a reiki master, my brother is a reiki master and i know it is at best delusional where the practioner actually believes it works or worse the practioner knows it doesnt work but still takes money from his is not practical for me to come to your office in ca which i presume is california as i live in australia, you have only provided anecdotal evidence which counts for nothing, as i presume you live in the USA why have you not taken up MR JAMES RANDI offer of one million dollars if you can prove that reiki works? i will tell you why because there is no scientific evidence to back up has been debunked a long time ago but uf you are so confident take up the challenge from MR RANDI and prove to us that you are right.

        • reikienergyhealingla says:

          Joe, I didn’t know and I’ll be more than happy to take MR JAMES RANDI offer, because I can easily prove that Energy Healing works!
          Could you please send the MR JAMES RANDI contact information?

          I’m sorry to hear your brother could not convinced you of how well Reiki works.

          Joe, I’m an Electronics engineer, I have a master’s degree. I got into energy healing when my son got very sick with a terrible and debilitating autoimmune disease at age 3, cause by excessive vaccinations.
          Conventional medicine could not do anything for him other than wait 10 to 15 years for the condition to disappear.
          We couldn’t wait and after 6 months we found an homeopathic doctor in India and an Energy Healer in California.
          The story on how my son was healed with Homeopathy and Energy Healing is here:

          Joe, I’m not trying to convince you because obviously you have your mind set.
          Do you believe that stress, anxiety, depression, fear and emotional trauma can be healed with prescription drugs? or other western/conventional medicine therapies?


      • joe says:

        carlos as i have said before reiki does not work, there is no scientific evidence for reiki to show it works, DR OZ has his own agenda on his show and that is to entertain the audience.

        • reikienergyhealingla says:

          Well, you got a point there, Dr. Oz likes to entertain his audience.
          However the practice of Reiki before and after Dr. Oz’s heart transplants allowed for the donors to have a 100% acceptance of other people’s hearts, something never seen before in heart surgeries.

          This is not entertainment. May be you’d like to contact these people who are still enjoying life because their bodies did not reject other people’s hearts.


          • joe says:

            i can assure you that lack of rejection was not due to reiki therapy, i am tired of you reiki masters spouting this rubbish and i keep asking the same question, why dont you get in touch with mr Randi, prove to him that reiki works and he will give you a million dollars? is this question simple enough for you? if so, then why wont you do it? go on do it, its the easiest million dollars that you could make? but like all reiki masters, i know you wont do it because you know as well as i do that it DOES NOT WORK.

          • reikienergyhealingla says:

            Let’s do this Joe, download James contest rules and convince him to take energy healers into consideration.
            Then I go and some of my healers friends can go too.

            Understand that James is not stupid and he doesn’t want to lose that million dollars, so he rejects ALL people who want to participate.
            May be because he knows that what potential contestants do, work!

            More blessings your way!


  5. joe says:

    James Randi lives in the USA you only have to google him to find his contact details, he will happily give you a million dollars if you prove to him that reiki therapy works. you obviously believe it works so my question is why wont you take up his offer?

    • reikienergyhealingla says:

      Joe, thanks to your information about the Million Dollar challenge from James Rand, I downloaded his contest rules and energy healing is not in the subjects he is challenging.
      James is looking for people who do paranormal tricks, like a magician and the sort.
      We don’t do that.

      Energy healing it’s about helping people to remove energetic blockages that keep them stuck in life and preventing them to move forward.
      Energy work is about help people to heal themselves by awakening the innate dormant healing abilities we all have. You too have them…

      Again I invite you to come so you can judge it for yourself.



  6. joe says:

    reiki is actually under energy healing and i assure you that if you contact mr Randi he will accomodate you, mr Randi has stated that reiki comes under energy healing and to date there have been over 500 reiki masters that took the challenge on and FAILED but dont let that deter you, because you know it works, go on be a good chap, take on his challenge, make an easy million dollars,my brother is a reiki master and he knows its a scam and for that i detest him, you may really believe it works and i think you are sincere that it works but to know for sure take the challenge you MIGHT be right, go for the million, easiest money you will ever get UNLESS of course you know it doesnt work and if that is the case then i will have to detest you–namaste.

    • reikienergyhealingla says:

      Joe, The Reiki healers did not fail to take the challenge, James did not let them participate.
      James does not accept energy healers because we don’t make things disappear, etc like paranormal activities do.


  7. joe says:

    my brother did reiki on my sisters shoulder and he told me he fixed her pain, my sister came to visit recently ( she lives 500 miles away ) i asked my sister about this and she could not stop laughing, she said ” i told him it works just to make him feel good” your right it is anecdotal, but think about it, there is NO proper peer reviewed evidence supporting reiki, if like my brother you have gullible patients that you are making good money then good luck to you, but i could not do that.another link for you to read,

  8. joe says:

    n other words, reiki does not work. It’s a sham, a silly song-and-dance routine that medical doctors like Mehmet Oz – he of The Doctor Oz Show, a TV program given to him by Oprah Winfrey – readily accept. However, Dr. Oz may be swayed by the fact that his wife is a “reiki master,” and he regularly offers his viewers a variety of woo-woo ideas in spite of the hard fact that he’s a highly-ranked cardiac surgeon and very respected in that line of work. carlos this is an excerpt from the James Randi foundation.there is nothing more i can say

  1. June 4, 2013

    […] the end of the Reiki energy healing session I could see the change on my face: rested, my eyes went from tired to a vibrant eye sight. […]

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